About Me

About Me

Hi, I'm Marc Katzschner.
I am the Creative Director at TechSoup, where I oversee global brands that are loved by non-profits and NGOs in almost every country.*

I'm also an advisor to a few exciting startups.

Previously, I co-founded the Shotwell Company, a digital agency in San Francisco. (See more about that and the rest of my resume on LinkedIn). 

On this site, I post my recent projects.

Many thanks for visiting!

*We're in 236 countries and territories worldwide.​​​​​​​
Things I do:
Brand Strategy and Leadership
Creative Direction
Customer Experience (CX)
User Experience (UX)
User Interface (UI) Design
Graphic Design
Integrated Marketing Campaigns 
Video, Email, Web, Social, Print ... 
Social Media Strategy and Planning
Team Building & Mentoring
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